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1. Present:- Sue Hoad, Mark Carleton, Mike Wood, Mike Knott, Kim Bulman, Simon Fuller, Karen Marsden, Paul Novell, Suellen Peskett, Joanne Pumphrey and Hannah Taylor


2. Apologies: - Sue Murrell and Ladies Afternoon members, Muhith Ahmed, Sheila Budd, Sophie Dudgeon, Sue de la Hoyde, Suzanne Hunter, Sheila Knott, Paul Lowe, Robin Marshall, Nic May, Paul Steiner and Chris Walker.


3. Minutes of the 2012 AGM:- These had been circulated.


4. Matters Arising:- Web site – The Chairman has been able to make some changes to content but further updating was required. Club Shirts – Suzanne Hunter had organized new red/black shirts which had been well received.


5. Ladies Section Report:- There have been three new (younger) members but there is still scope for more new members as there is not always a full attendance.


6. Junior Section Report:- The pre-Christmas sessions were run by 3 coaches – Mike, Mark and Paul Novell with some help from senior members. Coaching was organized on each of the sessions, which covered all age groups. For various reasons only Mike was available after Christmas and sessions were used for club singles and doubles tournaments with assistance from Jack Pickford and Tom Quick.


7. Senior Section Report:- The sessions had worked well with the invited Juniors integrating well. Terryʼs Tournament had been well supported (Winner Muhith Ahmed). Karen expressed concern over the coaching on club nights which she felt had affected the standard of games even after coaching had finished. It was felt that any coaching should be on a separate night.


8. Team Reports:- Results:-

·       Mixed - Guildford P 10, W 4 (Div 1 5th )

·       Surrey P 8 W 6 (Div 7 2nd)

·       Sutton P6 W5 (Div 5 Top) Achieved by winning last match 5 - 1.

·       Ladies - Surrey P8 W8 (Div 3 Top ) Hannah advised that a consistent team was fielded. Suzanne and Kim appeared as the best Ladies Doubles performers in all divisions with Sue and Hannah the next best.

·       Guildford 4s P8 W5 D1 (Div2 Top)

·       Menʼs - Surrey P6 W3 (Div 6 3rd) -

·       East Surrey 4s P 8 W 0 D1 (Div 1 Bottom)This team was used to give match experience to some of the Juniors

·       Guildford Team Tournament Although we beat Bourne, they were given a walkover against Stepgates and progressed to the final.


9. Treasurerʼs Report:- Mike Wood advised a small profit of £135.19 had been achieved so that over the last two years we had broken even. Although we held a considerable balance in reserve, this acted as a cushion against bad years when membership dropped as happened a few years ago. It also meant we didnʼt have cash-flow problems at the beginning of the winter season when most expenditure arises.


10. Subscriptions for 2012-13:- Mike Knott advised that the Affiliation Fees were being changed by Badminton England with fees charged per Junior or Senior member. Mike Wood recommended an increase in the Winter Subscription to £112, Reduced to £102 if paid by 1st October, and the Match Fees to remain at £4.00. (Ladies Afternoon and Junior subscriptions to be confirmed.)


11. Election of Officers for 2013-14:- The following were elected:-

• President Sue Hoad

• Vice President ! ! Sheila Knott

• Chairman Mark Carleton

• Secretary Simon Fuller

• Treasurer Mike Wood

Captain ! ! ! Paul Steiner (to be confirmed as not present)

• Vice Captain Sue de la Hoyde

• Match Secretary Suzanne Hunter

• Ladies Afternoon Rep Sue Murrell

• Welfare Officer Sophie Dudgeon

• Junior Reps Mike Knott

• Senior Reps Karen Marsden, Paul Novell


12. Election of Auditor:- Nicola Novell was agreed as Auditor and thanked for her work in reviewing the Accounts. Mike Wood would put on record that he was holding Premium Bonds in trust for the Club.


13. Any Other Business:-

13.1 Coaching - It was felt that the coaching received from Dean George had been beneficial but would be better on a Sunday evening, combined with match practice/team selection in September and on match nights when there was only one match. Costs of coaching should be recovered from those taking part.


13.2 Club Junior and Senior session times - Mike Knott advised that during the summer the Juniors had been split into two groups, ʻAʼ - Year 8 and below and ʻBʼ - Year 9 and above, including those invited to last seasonʼs Senior sessions. This had been more manageable. He proposed that this split continued but was unsure how this could be accommodated with the Senior Club session. After discussion it was agreed that Mike would approach the school about an earlier start time with the ideal timings being:-

ʻAʼ Junior session 5.45pm to 6.45pm

ʻBʼ Junior session 6.45pm to 7.45pm

Senior Club session 7.45pm to 10pm with invited Juniors allowed to stay until 8.30pm


13.3 Future of Junior sessions - Mike Knott advised that he would be giving up his coaching role in the near future, maybe at the end of next season or the following one. He would be happy to take charge of the ʻAʼ group sessions but would prefer another coach to take charge of the ʻBʼ group. ! The new timing of the ʻBʼ group should make it easier for other coaches to make the sessions, work commitments permitting. It was felt we may have to commit to hiring a professional coach to provide continuity at the sessions and the following were given actions to investigate the possibility - Mike Knott to enquire of possibility with BE, !Simon Fuller with MVDC and Mark with Leisure Centres. Hannah Taylor suggested that if we wanted addition help with Juniors, Duke of Edinburgh candidates could assist as part of their volunteering.


13.4 Invited Juniors - Mike Knott advised that at least 4 of the existing invited juniors would be going to university in September so the numbers would be reduced. There were only two other juniors to recommend be invited - Jack Quick and Leith Osborne.


13.5 Shuttles - Kim mentioned that the Ladies had found the shuttles too fast at the end of the season. Mike advised that when he purchased the last supply, the suppliers were a few tubes short of the normal slower speed (77) and made up the order with 78s. These should have been used on club nights.


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