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HELD ON SUNDAY 8th June 2015



1.       Present


HT, HE, KM, KB, LE, Mark C, MK, MW, NM, SK, SF, SdLH, SH, SP, SH


2.       Apologies


CW, DB, FO, LO, HS, Kay Meldrum, Michele C, Mohajid A, Muhith A, PL, PN, PS, VB


3.       Minutes of the 2014 AGM


These had been circulated and it was agreed unanimously that these minutes were a true record of the meeting


4.       Matters Arising




5.       Ladies Morning Section Report


Membership numbers continue to be an issue and there have been no new enquiries. The best turn out is 7 to 8. Despite the challenges with parking, it was agreed the session will continue to run in the morning. There is also no Ladies Morning rep, but it was determined they will manage this between themselves.


Action – SH will contact SB to see if there are any candidates from the Leatherhead Leisure centre who might want to join (not beginners)


Action – SF to write to the contact at Friends/Aviva to confirm dates/times and determine the plan for parking.

Update – please see dates & times below in section 13. Aviva will be closing this site towards the end of December 2016. This won’t affect this year’s bookings and will mean that staff start to leave from January, easing the car park. In the meantime, the hard area of the sports field will be available for use.


6.       Junior Section Report


Both sessions were fully subscribed, and smart looking thanks to the club T-Shirts – thanks to SK for the suggestion and Mark for arranging.


Action – Mark C to look into whether the juniors should enter a league.


7.       Senior Section Report


It was good to have so many new members join this year.





8.       Team Reports


Surrey Ladies - Div 3 – Played 10, Won 10 – league winners

Thanks to all those who stood in this year, particularly KM


Surrey Men's – Div 5 - Won 0, Lost 10, remain in Division 5


A year of trying out new partnerships!



Surrey Mixed – Div 6 - Won 8, Lost 2 – league winners

We’re looking forward to finally being in Div 5!



Guildford Ladies 4 – Div 2 – Won 4, Lost 2 – league winners

It was a shame there were only 4 teams in the league, so not many matches. Great to win the league, and thanks to those who stepped in to play, especially FO


East Surrey Men's 4 – Div 2 – Won 7, Lost 1 – league winners


Caterham withdrew early in the season, which left 8 matches, one of which was a walkover and three of which we won 6-0. PN, SA, MW were the mainstays, with great contributions from Robin Marshall, Russell Howes & Paul Sanders.

The final table was so close, the team ended up winning on games difference.

Sutton Mixed – Div 4 – Won 6, Lost 4 – runners up


One team, St Margaret’s, dominated the league, winning all 10 matches. We had close matches, and ended up as runners up.



9.       Treasurers Report





10.   Subscriptions for 2015-16


Current levels                                                                                    Proposed

Seniors        £115 or £105 if paid before 1st October 2015                         no change
Students     £65                                                                                                         no change

Juniors         £75 (including T-Shirt)                                                                    no change
Ladies          £85                                                                                                         no change
Match fees:
Seniors        £4                                                                                                           no change

Students     £2                                                                                                          

11.   Election of Officers for 2014-2015


President                   Mike Knott
Vice President          Sheila Knott

Chairman                    Mark Carleton
Secretary                    Simon Fuller
Treasurer                   Mike Wood
Club Captains            Simon Fuller & Sue De La Hoyde
Match Secretary      Suzanne Hunter

Welfare Officer        Heather Epps

Ladies Rep                 Sue Murrell
Evening Reps            Nic May, Karen Marsden

Junior Rep                  Mike Knott

Auditor                        Nicola Novell


Sue Hoad stood down as President. We would like to thank her for her contribution to the club. Mike Knott was elected as President, proposed by Sue Hoad and seconded by Suzanne Hunter.



12.   Any Other Business


Junior Coaching – SK thanked the Junior coaches for giving up their time. Mark C suggested further coaching for Juniors showing particular promise.


Action – Mark to investigate costs/availability and coordinate with Simon Fuller regarding Hall hire.


Dorking Advertiser – given the successes in the Club this year, Simon Fuller suggested we write to the Dorking Advertiser to get an article which could promote the club and encourage new members.


Action – SF to contact the Dorking Advertiser


Club Night – club nights were thought to be successful this year, with a good turnout most weeks and aided by SH avoiding matches on Wednesday evenings wherever possible. Thanks to Suzanne.


Badminton League Committee Members – Simon mentioned that there was a call from most of the leagues in which we play for volunteers for committee members. Indeed, the Guildford League has chosen to systemise replacement of committee members. And, as a result of the uncertainty of the East Surrey league next year, we have decided (subsequent to the AGM) to withdraw the Men’s 4 from this league and enter a Men’s 6 in the Guildford League.


Action – Any club member willing to be involved in a league committee should contact SF in the first instance.


Match Teas – NM mentioned that it was frustrating when teams didn’t stay for food after matches.


Action – SH will circulate the email addresses of Clubs Fixtures Secretaries to the team captains

13.   2015 – 2016 Season


Confirmation of the season dates:


Seniors Club Night – every Wednesday 8pm – 10pm:


Start – 2nd September 2015

End – 27th April 2016


No Club Night on:

23rd December

30th December


Ladies Club Morning – every Monday 10.15am – 11.45am


Start - 7th September 2015

End – 21st March 2016


No Club Morning on:

21st December 2015

28th December 2015


Juniors Club Night – every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm:


Start – 16th September 2015

End – tbc


No Club Night during school holidays.



A date of the 27th January 2016 was suggested as the date for the Club Tournament. This will be confirmed closer to the time.




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